Wednesday, March 26, 2014

19 Weeks

Week: 19

Baby Size: About 6 inches or the size of a mango.

Movement: This week I can definitely tell that the baby is moving. She seems to be most active in the morning and later on in the day. I get a bunch of kicks all in a row!

Gender: It's a little lady!

Food Cravings: Reese's peanut butter eggs and pizza again. UGH.

Food Aversions: There are things that just don't sound appealing, but I steer clear of whatever it is that doesn't sound good to me at the moment.

What I Miss: Sushi and alcohol. Still.

Looking Forward To: Feeling some real baby kicks, not just soft pokes, and having Adam feel them too.

Best Moment of the Week: Getting to see our active little girl on the ultrasound!

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