Wednesday, April 2, 2014

20 Weeks

Week: 20

Baby Size: About 6.5 inches or the size of a banana.

Movement: She gave me a few hard kicks this week. I could even see my belly move from the outside. One especially hard one was when I was standing in the checkout line at Target - I couldn't believe how hard she kicked me!

Gender: It's a little lady!

Food Cravings: Spicy parmesan shrimp pasta. It's so good.

Food Aversions: None really, but I probably won't be eating salad or uncooked vegetables for a while after a recall scare this weekend.

What I Miss: Not being able to eat things freely without worrying if it's going to harm the baby.

Looking Forward To: Adam being able to finally feel the baby kicks. I've tried, but he just says he can't tell the difference between the kicks and his hand twitching or my belly moving from breathing.

Best Moment of the Week: My parents came out to visit and we went out for Adam's birthday to one of his favorite restaurants and then we came home and had paczki for dessert.

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