Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pop Up Market Downtown & Point State Park

Last Friday afternoon, I read a few tweets from the local food trucks I follow that there was a pop up market happening downtown from 6-11 PM. I texted Adam to tell him we were going for dinner. We were looking for something quick, inexpensive, and delicious anyway.

I wasn't sure what to expect exactly and I was pleasantly surprised when we walked up to see about 20 vendors (about half of them were food, half were arts and crafts) in a small lot just a block from the Theater District parking garage. It was an amazing night, so there were tons of people out taking advantage of the market and the Gallery Crawl, which they run in conjunction with one another (we overheard someone say there was free beer at a few of the galleries, no wonder it was so popular).

Adam and I decided that we would be sharing our food (we didn't want to eat too much) and we got in line for the Meat and Potatoes tent, which had smoked pork tacos. We grabbed 2/$7. Not too shabby.

Another booth we visited was BRGR, which we've been wanting to try forever. We got an Average Joe burger to share. The bun was amazing and the burger was really good too.

I promised Adam we didn't have to stick around too long, so we grabbed a few goodies from Bluebird Kitchen to go. We decided on the banana dulce de leche bar and the campfire cupcake. OMG the banana bar was sooo yummy.

After the market, Adam and I decided to walk down to Point State Park, since we were in the area, neither one of us had been there and it was a gorgeous night (and sunset).

A lot of the park is closed for renovations and restoration of the fountain, which is supposed to be opening again this June after 2 years of work on it.

We didn't really stick around long, just walked down to the river and then headed back to the car. It was getting pretty late and we were tired. I can't wait to check it out again when all the fencing is gone and the fountain is working!

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  1. The "crack sauce" made me giggle on the menu. Gorgeous evening!


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