Saturday, April 13, 2013

21+ Night at the Carnegie Science Center

On Thursday, I read a tweet from the Carnegie Science Center that said they were still selling advanced tickets for their 21+ night on Friday. I messaged Adam and begged asked if we could go. I wasn't sure if he'd be into it since it was, sci-fi themed (complete with Star Wars characters and a DeLorean), had booze and was full of people we didn't know. Miraculously he agreed, so I bought the tickets ($10 a piece in advance/$15 at the door).

Friday night, we headed over to the museum at about 7 PM and walked up to not only the DeLorean parked out front, but also the entire "cast" of Ghostbusters and the Ecto-1. 

Inside, we waited in a short line to get our wrist bands and then we walked around to see some of the exhibits on the main floor.

We passed through a wristband checkpoint and this cool gravity bungee jump wall on our way up to the other floors. I was surprised that they had all the floors open, minus the few exhibits like the planetarium.

The first floor we hit had all the robotic stuff, a really awesome model train set, and the live entertainment. Adam really liked this floor - I think it had the coolest stuff to play with. You could play basketball against a robot, use a robot to build a model from beads, and see how a robotic medicine dispensing machine worked.

On the third floor we found Nemo and Dory and I had my picture taken in a submarine. This floor also had a test kitchen where they were teaching how to make ice cream using salt and ice cubes, but they sped up the process using liquid nitrogen. They had two showings, one at 7:30 and one at 8:30. Adam and I hung around to check it out. It was actually the second time in a week that I've eaten ice cream made with liquid nitrogen, oh the life of a scientist! ;)

After the show, we went upstairs to the top floor and found that it was a huge play area (remember this is really a museum for kids ;) ). There was everything from stuff about weather to a giant operation game to a water play area. We also ran into the storm troopers up here.

I stopped at the bar on our way back downstairs and all they had left was mixed drinks and wine. I ended up getting their special drink the "Marty McFly", which was a jack and ginger ale. We also noticed that there was a theater up here where they were featuring something about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, but we missed show time. Adam and I also found a few other things we missed on the first go, like this scale showing what you'd weigh on other planets and a few other astronaut related things.

We ended up leaving soon after, Adam and I were getting hungry. I think there were food options there, but the lines were kind of insane so we didn't stop to see, we did notice some people with trays of stuff though. On the way out the Ghostbuster guys were still there, flashing their lights on the Ecto-1.

It was a pretty fun night, it probably would have been better with a bigger group of people, but I'd definitely go again to another one - just Adam and I! 

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