Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hockey Night: Falcons Game

I'm channeling my husband while writing this post.

On Friday night I went with my friend Kathryne to watch her husband's club team hockey game. The Springfield Falcons Fans club team played right before the Falcons vs. Whale game and we stayed for both. Here's one of the only shots I could get of Kenny on the ice.

I was having fun trying out my D600 with my Lensbaby Spark. It was way easier to do this at the club game when I could walk around freely.

The first goal of the Falcons vs. Whale game was scored by the Connecticut Whale and it was a great shot, because it was a nice breakaway goal.

Shortly after, the Falcons got their first goal and 3 others after that.

This banner cracked me up.

I had a great time at the game, I love practicing shooting action photography. It's so different from portraiture and landscapes, it's a fun challenge. Just sad Adam couldn't be there with us! Hopefully he and I will get to go to some Pens games this year (hopefully when they're playing the Bruins), now that they're back and we live so close to the arena!


  1. Great job! Hockey shooting is tricky with the fast action and not-so-great photographic light, but you did awesome!

    1. thanks! having the new camera helps a ton! :)


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