Friday, January 4, 2013

A Trip to Phipps

One afternoon I decided I had enough of writing (sometimes you just need a mental break) and I decided to head over and check out the holiday display at Phipps Conservatory.

I actually became a member in September, when I had gone twice in one week (once by myself and once with my family who was visiting) and I was really excited to see their holiday decorations this time around. As you walk up the stairs into the Palm Court, you see this pretty fireplace display complete with little Christmas trees.

Last time I was there, a docent told me to keep to the right when walking through the conservatory to keep me from getting lost. Still a good tip! Back in September, this room was filled with lots of greenery and tropical plants. This time it was all dressed up for the holidays with this fun door display and loads of poinsettias. I really liked the different wreaths on the doors. Gives me some ideas for next year! :)

Little potted plants - such a great idea for a wreath!

At the end of this room, there was this gorgeous wreath. I loved that it was mostly greenery, but the sweet little white flowers really made it pop and look amazing.

There were so many lady slippers in bloom in the orchid room!

In the South Conservatory there was a large train and village display that represented the opening of the Phipps Conservatory and the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.

I loved this little house with the snow covered roof. According to the sign in the photo below, the Worlds Fair that year was lit by a Pittsburgh based company, Westinghouse. It also mentioned that the tropical plants that were on display at the fair were transported to the Phipps Conservatory when it closed.

How cool is this little replica of the Phipps? The details are so incredible! 

As I worked my way up and around checking out all the little details, I found a train passing by and a horse drawn buggy in the center of a miniature town.

There was a little Ferris Wheel to represent the original one seen at the Chicago World's Fair (I saw this guy's twin at the Carnegie Museum of Art's tree display).

The building in the center of this photo was a miniature version of the Horticulture Exhibit hall, which held all kinds of large tropical plants at the fair.

After I felt like I had seen everything at the train display, I walked around some other rooms and found some cute details. I liked the little squirrels trimming the tree with oranges and the pretty kissing ball hanging from a light.

The Sunken Garden was also made up for the holidays with poinsettias galore.

Poinsettias seemed to be a theme in most of the rooms, including the Broderie Room. I loved the pops of red in the green shrubbery.

The East Room had snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and an adorable little family of bears (with bowties) down by the water.

I wasn't able to get a good photo of the large Christmas tree in the center of the Victoria Room. I think the lighting that day was just not cooperative. Here's a shot of it taken with my iPhone. I loved the reflection in the water.

A few days later, I went back after a brief snowfall to take some photos of the building at night. Look how pretty it is all lit up!

I wish I was able to go at night to see the Winter Light display in the Outdoor Garden, but it just didn't happen this trip. Hopefully next year!

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  1. Just beautiful! What a lovely place and decorated at Christmas with the landscaping and the train really makes for an experience. How lucky you are to have that near you. Our family needs to make a visit to the North East sometime!


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