Sunday, March 24, 2013

Phipps Conservatory Spring Flower Show

I finally have a chance to write an update on this blog and I wanted to talk about my trip last week to Phipps to see their Spring flower show! I figured we could all use a little cheerful and colorful flower show to help us forget our winter blues. Apparently, Mother Nature hasn't gotten Phil's memo that it's supposed to be Spring already. Sheesh.

The palm court had a nice display of color with a variety of different tulips and other assorted plants. This was kind of the intro to what kinds of flowers you'd see around the other main attractions. Lots of pretty springtime colors!

I completely forgot to take a photo of the entrance to the Serpentine room, but it was set up similarly to what I've shown in the past. This time though, it had a ton of bright and beautiful flowers, like these gorgeous red tulips and little yellow snap dragons.

There were also a few topiaries, some were simple shapes, like blocks and pyramids and some were modeled after animals, like these ducks (or geese?), owl, and herons.

Moving onto the orchid room, which is my favorite part of this place, I couldn't believe all the different orchids in bloom! I've been a few times now and I think I always find one or two orchids that I've never seen before, which is an awesome surprise.

I found this pond and this neat rain chain in the Stove room. I also saw a sign that said the butterflies would be back sometime in April when the weather warms up. When I was down in Disney this past month at the Flower and Garden Festival, I read that butterflies can't survive when the temperatures dip below 40ยบ, so I guess it's still a bit too cold for them up here!

Their theme for the Spring flower show is "The Secret Garden" and they definitely captured that well in the South Conservatory. 

I was fortunate to see a few Himalayan blue poppies on my trip. Most of them looked like they were past their peak, but they were still gorgeous!

Just behind the wall from the blue poppies was this absolutely stunning pink azalea bonsai tree. Sometimes I wish I had a green thumb and a lot of patience, so I could learn the art of bonsai.

In the Sunken Garden room, there were all sorts of Spring flowers and lots of greenery. 

One of my favorite things was all the ivy vines cascading down the brick walls. There was one place I counted four different varieties in a grouping. So pretty!

I really loved these purple tulips. 

And holy cow, this HAS to be the most beautiful hydrangea I've ever seen. 

This was the view from the other side of the room. 

In the Desert room, which is the door to the left in the photo above, there was a cactus blooming. The stem was so large, it was being held up by wire to the ceiling so it wouldn't block the entrance.

In the Victoria room, there were tulips lining the paths. This particular section was orange, but there were also 3 other sections filled with red, yellow, and pink ones.

The Broderie room to me always looks like it's part of the Secret Garden, so it wasn't a surprise that it fit well with this Spring's theme. I particularly loved the variegated pink tulips.

The last room of the trip for me was the East room, which may have had the most colors of all the rooms in Phipps. For this show, they kept it simple with a single topiary of a gardener watering the plants.

Oh, those purple tulips again. Hello lovers.

On my way out, I spotted this plant again, which was the same one that they had made the wreath with back in their Winter show. Lovely.

Another lovely show by the people at Phipps! I'm really bummed that I missed out on the Orchid show back in February. One of the docents was chatting with me about it saying how beautiful it was. Hopefully I'll get to see it next year!

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  1. I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE the photos at this Flower Garden. Love the architecture of the buildings there, too.


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