Friday, November 16, 2012

Diana's First Visit to Western Mass: Part 2

On our second day, Diana and I headed to the Roost in Northampton for a quick breakfast. I love this place. I've only had breakfast here, but the service is fast and the food is good. I had the sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich and a pot of winterberry spice tea. Yum.

After brunch, I took Diana to see Kringle Candle. I always find it kind of funny that our area is well known for being the candle capital with the Yankee Candle flagship store and the new Kringle Candle store within a few miles from each other. I figured it's something she should see and maybe she could pick up a few souvenirs from her trip! Who doesn't love candles or wax melts? :)

I didn't take too many photos here, since I've posted about my trips to Kringle before. They happen to have a pretty large carved pumpkin display that wasn't there the last time I visited with my family. Diana really liked the one that was eating a fake human foot. I wish I got a picture of that one, it was pretty funny.

Since Yankee Candle is right down the road, I thought we could swing by on our way back home. On the way, I asked Diana if she'd be interested in going to Magic Wings. I posted about this place previously and it's a great trip, especially if you haven't seen anything like it before.

I love these butterfly displays as you walk in. So many different kinds of butterflies and they're all so beautiful.

Diana started with the photos right away. While I brought my DSLR, I actually ended up using my phone and my new lenses much more. I was having fun with all the amazing possibilities in front of me!

There were a few flowers in bloom, like these hibiscus. The good thing about flowers is that butterflies really like landing on them, so you can get some really pretty pictures.

Here's where the Photojojo iPhone lenses come in. These were taken with the macro lens and a steady hand. Those wings. Holy smokes. Who knew how amazing butterfly wings looked up close? Not me. They're like mini pixel paintings. Any guess as to which wing belongs to which butterfly?

Somehow these butterflies were unfazed that I was so up close and personal. I was probably about a half an inch away from these guys.

I took a few other pictures with the macro lens and I found a few butterflies dancing around. Tiny dancers.

We happened to meet a worker who was bringing around this little walking stick creature. I tried to take a photo of it while the woman was holding it, but the walking stick had other plans. She (we were told that the walking stick was a she) was so interested with my macro lens she started waving her arms trying to cling on. I held out my hand and she walked right up and photobombed me. Diana took the shot above and I took the one below at the exact same time. How incredible is that? The walking stick is actually holding on to my lens with her little legs!

On our way out we snapped a picture of the both of us under the butterfly crossing sign to remember our trip here together.

On our way back to Amherst, we stopped by the Yankee Candle flagship store so Diana could see how huge the place is. We had fun trying on these silly Halloween masks, smelling all the different holiday scents and watching people get their hands dipped in wax. Yes, you read that correctly you can dip your hands in wax and they will make a candle out of it or a sculpture or something. We didn't really inquire, we were just amazed at the number of people doing it.

For dinner I took Diana to Mission Cantina in South Amherst, which is our new favorite Mexican food joint. Their pineapple salsa and margaritas are delicious. I highly recommend them both!

That wraps up our adventures in Western Mass, stay tuned for our quick, rainy trip to Boston the day before Hurricane Sandy hit.


  1. Great photos......Love the butterfly on the flower. Looks like you two had fun together!

  2. Nice photos as always. I especially like the one of all the different pumpkins - cool!


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