Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Trip to Bernardston

This morning we traveled to Bernardston, MA to have brunch for Adam's mom's birthday at The Farm Table restaurant at Kringle Candle.

The dining room that we were seated in was large with beautiful rustic decor. I loved the wine bottle chandeliers and the wooden ceiling. Very Pioneer Valley-esque.

It was our second time dining there and the food didn't disappoint. Last time we came here I had the Belgian waffles with pear compote, this time my choice was banana foster French toast. Both were delicious.

The little syrup container that they use is soooo cute! I also loved that the water was served in vintage style milk bottles and had the Farm Table logo on them. Very nice little detail!

While waiting for everyone to finish up with brunch, I caught my husband's step-dad reading to his grandson and the birthday girl and her granddaughter enjoying the moment.

After brunch I spent a little time walking around the grounds of Kringle Candle/The Farm Table taking pictures while the rest of our party shopped. I admit, I did head into the Christmas Barn to pick up a candle or two. I can't resist the stinkin' things, especially since Snowtowber happened and we used almost our whole stash up in the 4 days without power.

When everyone was finished shopping, we headed up to Adam's dad's house in Vermont. I'm always amazed at how beautiful the scenery is up there. I grew up in a similar setting in Northern New Jersey (and yes, there are still areas of NJ that are not populated with oil refineries and covered in smog, shocking, i know), surrounded by farmland, but there's still something different about this place.

At Adam's dad's place, we celebrated Adam's mom's birthday by eating cake and other assorted good things and opening presents. All in all it was a really nice day!


  1. Lots of great photos! My favorite is the photo of the old rusted trucks. Things like that are always fascinating to me.

    1. Thanks Steve! The first time we visited his dad I wasn't quick enough to grab my camera as we drove by the trucks. This time I was ready! I wish I had time to stop though, it would have been more fun to take the details of them!

  2. Hi! Thanks for finding my blog :) I'm excited to find another Western Mass blogger too! there aren't many of us... haha. Your pictures are GORGEOUS! Perhaps you can give me tips? I just got a somewhat fancy camera but my skills are seriously lacking... good luck with the blog! :)

    1. No problem! I can't believe there aren't more bloggers from Western MA! I google searched, because I had no idea how to find anyone. Thanks for the nice comment about my pics! What kind of camera did you get? I might be able to help or know someone who could. I have a Nikon D90 that I shoot with. :)

    2. I got a Canon Rebel T3. I think it's like, the nicest of the crappy cameras or something, haha. I only have the lens it came with, and don't really have the money for anything else at the moment. I just was not doing good things with my digital point-and-shoot and my pictures looked like mush, haha. At least now they look like DETAILED mush, even if my lighting and styling is off, hah!

      And yeah, I wish there were more Wester Mass bloggers--food bloggers in particular! But I feel like that puts us in a good place for blazing the trails for future bloggers and maybe even getting noticed a little? Who knows! Hehe. Where in Western Mass are you? I'm currently in Easthampton but am moving to Sunderland in two weeks :)

    3. Awesome! That's a great camera. The kit lens is totally fine for taking all sorts of photos, so no worries about buying a new one. As for learning how to use it, this is actually an excellent tutorial by Amanda from Kevin & Amanda. You should check it out. She also uses a Canon, so it might be even more helpful for you! If you have any specific questions let me know!

      I feel like my blog is becoming food-centric, but we tend to eat out more than we should. I'm not a good cook, but I do like photographing my husband when he cooks. I'll try to start posting more when he cooks. :) We're in the Amherst area (hi neighbor!). Good luck on the move to Sunderland. Maybe we can schedule a blogger meetup sometime!


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