Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Snowtober?

Since Halloween is coming up, I thought I'd reminisce about our experience last year. You know, where we had 2 feet of snow in 12 hours and we lost power for almost a week? Yeah, that one.

Well, unfortunately, they're predicting another bad storm on Tuesday (the exact same day as the last one hit!). Hurricane Sandy is supposed to head up here, mix with a cold weather front coming in from the north and produce some crazy storm that media is dubbing "Snor'eastercane" or "Frankenstorm" (what's with these ridiculous names nowadays?). 

Just in case you didn't get to experience the storm last year, or you want to remember how horrible, yet beautiful it was, here are some photos I took from around my area. 

The first two photos are a before and after: night before the storm, just as it was starting and the morning after. Serious tree devastation. Crazy right?

This one was super scary. I'm not sure if it was fortunate that the tree fell directly on the powerline or not.

I really hope that some miracle happens and the storm gets swept off to sea. If not, then I guess it's time to start fueling up, charging batteries, and emptying out my freezer (why is it that these always happen when you just stock it?)! 

1 comment:

  1. I had forgotten about the big storm you got last year, but I remember now seeing your photos of it. I hope it doesn't happen again, or if it does, that you stay safe!


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