Monday, September 24, 2012

Alyssa + John: Married

This past weekend, Adam and I had the good fortune of joining another college friend on their wedding day.

Shortly after Alyssa and John got engaged I got an email from Alyssa asking if I would be interested in photographing their wedding. Alyssa assured me that it was a casual thing and that I wouldn't be the only one shooting, they had asked another one of their friends, Tea (who is super nice and has the coolest business cards!). I think I was still on a just-starting-my-365-project high and I thought I'd totally be up for the challenge. Had they asked me a few months later, I might have said no. My 365 project really burnt me out and at the end, I thought I was pretty much done with photography.

Anyway, I'm happy I said yes, because I had such a great time photographing their wedding (yes even trying to take group shots in the pouring rain!).

Without further ado I present to you the new Mr. & Mrs. :)

Congratulations you two!

PS. I have to mention that not only did they find time to create the wedding of their dreams, they also catered their own wedding. Amazing.

PPS. Major thanks to my friend Larry for building up my wedding photographer self esteem by letting me tag along with you on a few weddings!


  1. Kristin, you knocked these shots out of the park!!! Well done.

  2. Kristin, Excellent job! These are great. Looks like an awesome wedding - but you did an awesome job capturing the event!!

  3. Way to go girl! These rock I hope they love them!


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