Thursday, March 15, 2012

(Early) Birthday Cupcakes!

Adam and I have become cupcake fanatics these past few years. Any time we travel to a new city, we try to find at least one cupcake joint. Our obsession with cupcakes started 2 years ago back in San Francisco. Adam and I were wandering around Ghirardelli's Square when he pointed out Kara's Cupcakes and mentioned he'd seen them compete on Cupcake Wars. We decided to forgo a sundae at Ghirardelli's and instead had a cupcake from Kara's. It was love at first bite.

We ended up going back 2 more times before we left and since that first time we've probably visited Kara's at least 10 times total. We will always love Kara's.

On our anniversary trip to Boston this past year, we were roaming around Harvard Square, when our cupcake-sense directed us to Sweet. The shopfront is adorable and the cupcakes were so cute. I ended up with a pink lemonade and Adam had a strawberry shortcake cupcake.

We were craving cupcakes this past January when were were back in Boston for Frozen Fenway, but unfortunately Sweet on Newbury Street was closed for remodel. We're not giving up and we'll be back again to sample more deliciousness, probably this summer.

I've also been to American Cupcake in San Francisco and brought a few of their mini-cupcakes back for Adam to try (along with another Kara's cupcake, which flew all 10 hours with me!). My prize for the cutest cupcake was their cotton candy cupcake, which had a little cotton candy on a stick on top (unfortunately, they took the stick off when they put the cupcake in the to-go box).

For my birthday this year, Adam decided to get some Wicked Good Cupcakes for us to try. You know, the cupcake company of this fame. They send their cupcakes in mason jars, which is just about the cutest thing ever. I like that they layer the cupcake with the frosting, so you're not just grabbing a huge hunk of frosting or cupcake; you get to experience it as you're supposed to. Unfortunately, by the time my birthday came and went I was pretty desserted out.

So naturally, since Adam's birthday is coming up next month and I didn't want to deal with another dessert disaster (seriously, we probably have 3-4 parties for each of us between family and friends), I ordered cupcakes a month early from Georgetown Cupcake so we could enjoy them.

Adam had to wait until I got home. There was no way I'd let him eat them before letting me sneak a peek!

Considering they traveled from DC to us in MA, I'm super impressed at how they arrived. They definitely took a lot of care and put them into an insulated pack, with an ice pack on top, stuck cut-off lollypop sticks in the icing (most likely in case of a plastic shell collapse), and put each cupcake in the plastic clam shell container. There was hardly any icing carnage (you know, when the icing leaks all over the place) and the little fondant cuties were still on top!

After I was done photographing the beauties, I finally let a very patient Adam try them out. We sampled the red velvet and the cookies and cream to start. Both were absolutely delicious and I seriously can't wait to try them all!

Looks like we'll be heading to their new store in Boston (opening in May) whenever we make another trip there!


  1. I love cupcakes, too.....but I really love the ones you photographed called wicked cupcakes! Ha.


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