Thursday, July 18, 2013

One Barn: Two Years of Photos

Being that I'm probably limited to how many more times I'll drive by this on my way to work, I decided to compile all the photos I took of the same barn over the last 2 years into one image. It's really amazing how the landscape changes from season to season and even day to day. It starts at the top with photos from two years ago and ends with a photo I took today. Which photo is your favorite? Why?

My favorite is the foggy one followed by the truck, although I'm also partial to the one where the leaves have all changed, because we had no sunny days that Fall except for that particular day, so it's kind of a special photo.


  1. Oh this is so neat! I love to see how it changed because of the weather conditions and the seasons! The contrast between the white snow and red barn is so good!


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