Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

I hope all my friends are having a very Happy Easter with their families and that you're filling up on delicious home cooked meals. We visited with my parents in Ohio for the weekend and got to have a Polish food extravaganza and we were also able to see some interesting Cleveland Americana, Eggshelland, which I'm going to talk about in this post.

My mom had heard about Eggshelland, an eggshell display in the front yard of a house in Lyndhurst, a few weeks ago and suggested we visit when we come out for Easter. She said that she read that they've been displaying the egg shells for the last 55 years, although she somehow only found out about it this year, and that unfortunately this would be the last one. The husband passed away this past year and the family is showing one final display this Easter.

We headed out, got there around 4PM, and were amazed to see that there was literally a line around the block.

It wasn't bad though, we waited about 10 minutes to get to the display.

I've seen photos from their previous displays and they've had everything from Mickey Mouse, to the Muppets, to birds and they were all incredible. This year was a bit less complex than ones they've done in the past, but rightly so. I'm still amazed at the organizational skills that went into this.

This year was a memorial to her late husband (that's his portrait in eggshells you see there), such a sweet thing!

Amazing that they've been doing this for 55 years and used 21,000 eggs in this display!!

The eggshells were painted by the husband by hand and lacquered to keep them preserved for the next year.

Here's Adam and I at Eggshelland.

They've had this bunny out every year.

Inside the garage they were selling off the eggs, a documentary DVD about them and a few other things. They also had this peg board full of the news articles about their displays over the years.

It was a really cool thing to see, I wish we had known about it before this year, I definitely would have loved to see what amazing things they created in the past. They're keeping the display up until April 5th, so if you're in the Cleveland area and looking for something to do this is it!

I'll hopefully be back with an update from my Disney trip soon. So stay tuned for that!


  1. I loooooooooove egg-ceptional post. Seriously, this is amazing.

  2. So sad they won't be continuing :( But it's really very cool!


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