Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cleveland: Melt

We knew going to Cleveland that we had a few restaurants we wanted to visit. Melt Bar and Grilled was on the top of the list. We tried to go to the original location last time, but the line for sit down was 3 hours long and the takeout wait was over an hour. Yeahhh... needless to say, we bounced as soon as the words "3 hours" and "1 hour" were uttered.

When we found out that they were opening a location that is closer to where my parents live, we decided we'd try that one instead. It's actually better all-around. There's ample parking and we had no problem getting a spot in their fairly large dining room during the busy lunch hour.

To preface these photos, Melt has been one of the places at the top of our list because of their outrageous grilled cheese menu (we love grilled cheese). They definitely take grilled cheese to the next level as you'll see below.

Menus are pasted on the back of old record album covers. Adam got Shaun Cassidy. I got Elvis (and apparently so did my grandpa). Two American heartthrobs.

My grandpa came with us to check out the place. I think my mom said it was his first time eating there too.

The decor was pretty fun. They had lots of old signage including one from Dairy Queen that took up almost a full wall. Piece of Americana for you!

Now hold on to your butts. Here comes the good part...

The sandwiches pictured above were ordered by my sister and I. She got the Parmageddon, which is a potato and cheese pierogi stuffed grilled cheese topped with cabbage, grilled onions and cheddar cheese. Holy Moses was this delicious. Now, I'm a huge fan of pierogi being Polish and all, so this sandwich was amazing.

My sandwich was also amazing (not to take the spotlight off of it). I had the Gyro Melt. Beef and lamb, tzatziki sauce, onions and feta. What more could you ask for in a grilled cheese? Not much.

This is definitely a great place to come if you're in the Cleveland area, but come hungry. No, starving. You probably won't be able to finish your sandwich and fries anyway. Although, you could always try the Melt Challenge to show how much of a grilled cheese lover you really are.

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  1. You have some cool places to dine near you. The photos of the food were great!


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