Thursday, April 19, 2012

Speckled Robin

I was going to save this for tomorrow, but I can't help but post this today. Sorry for the multiple posts in one day, but this is an exciting one.

After I posted that I had done some birdwatching on Monday, my friend told me about this speckled robin that has been hanging around her house and mentioned that I should come over and snap some photos of it. I honestly had no idea what she was talking about until this morning, as I was driving by her place, I happened to see the robin. I also saw it on my way home. The scientist in me was so excited about this and couldn't grab my camera fast enough.

Apparently the bird has leucism, which is supposedly rare in animals. It's kind of like vitiligo, the depigmentation of skin, which is what Michael Jackson suffered from (despite the claims that he bleached his skin). So, this robin is basically the Michael Jackson of birds. I'm sure his friends just probably think he got a dye job too. :)


  1. Very neat, ahem bangarang; my science lesson for the day! We normally only have pigeons in our yard. I have a friend with Vitiligo, but she takes it in stride and she's gorgeous either way!

  2. That is really cool! Of course, it would be even cooler if it did the Moonwalk. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! I wish my camera was good at catching stuff close-up from far away.


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